Just One

Just one donation changes everything.
Just one donation changes everything.

Training Matters!

Welcome to our team page! 

We've pledged to save the lives of Atlanta's animals, and we'd love your support. This team was created to celebrate the the Training Program at Atlanta Humane. If you have participated in Basic or Intermediate class or private lessons, you know how dedicated Mailey is to helping her students and their dogs succeed. Last year she worked with over 500 dogs and their families. Show your support by donating to the team or any member or even better, join our team and help us raise funds. 

If you've particpated in the AHS walk in the past, this is very similar. Create your page and share it! Donors who give or team members who raise $264 or more will be invited to a dog-friendly celebration at Monday Night Brewing on October 28. Why $264? That is the amount it takes to save one animal. 

Time is running out. The party is October 28th, but the campaign ends October 19th!

We hope you will consider donating to support us and the animals we will save. It takes just one donation to change everything.


On behalf of the animals, thank you.
The Obedience Class Volunteers




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