Day of Giving

Are you team cat?
Are you team cat?

Team Cat

Improving Atlanta employees are pooling our collective talents to have a positive impact on the world around us with the IA Impact Initiatives in 2020. We've pledged to save the lives of Atlanta's animals, and we'd love your support as we bring a little competitive edge to our philanthropic efforts...

Join us in the epic battle of your favorite pet: Team Cat vs Team Dog, winner takes all as the official Favorite Pet of IA. 

Welcome to Team Cat!

As designated friends of the feline species, we are happy for you to join our team.  Well, I mean...If we feel like being happy this very moment, we will be.  Or we may feel like hiding under the couch, or scratching your favorite chair or climbing on top of your kitchen cabinets or taking a nap.  You know...whatever we do, no matter what we do, it's far superior to what a dog would do.  It's because we are smarter and more selective and we actually have a brain.  But we don't have to tell you that.  So....yeah...thanks.  Your donation is just purrrrrrfect. 


In all seriousness, It takes just one donation to change everything.

On behalf of all of the animals, and the Atlanta Humane Society, we thank you.  Meow.

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